Southern Michigan Invasive Species Team Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (CISMA)

What is a CISMA?

CISMA's are partnerships of organizations, governments, tribal entities, and individuals who have a stake in managing the impact of invasive species in their respective regions. These partnerships receive funding from the Michigan Invasive Species Grant program that is supported by the Michigan Department of Agriculture, Department of Natural Resources, and the Department of Environmental Quality. Every CISMA faces unique challenges with varying impacts of invasive species from CISMA to CISMA. Invasive species cause harm to the environment, human health, and the economy and the purpose of CISMAs are to combine knowledge and resources to manage invasive species and mitigate their impacts in our communities.

What are Invasive Species?

Invasive Species are organisms that are nonnative to the area where they are introduced that can cause harm to the economy, human health, and environment. Invasive species often have adaptations that allow them to exploit native species when they invade new areas that allow these newly introduced organisms to thrive. Invasive species cost the United States approximately 138
BILLION dollars every single year and are a serious threat to our nations natural resources.