Strike Teams 

SMIST CISMA offers treatment services for priority invasive species within Branch, Hillsdale, and St. Joseph Counties depending on available funding. If you believe you have a priority invasive species on your property please contact the CISMA for consultation. 

Goat Brush Removal

The SMIST CISMA utilizes a herd of goats for invasive species removal and brush control. Our herd began work at Plumb Lake County Park in 2019 to control invasive shrubs and vines. SMIST CISMA intends to expand our herd with the possibility of private land removal available in Spring 2020. 

The goats in conjunction with  herbicide treatments are very effective at removing invasive species with the added benefit of removing poison ivy to protect our applicators!

Surveying Assistance 

If you believe you have invasive species on your property or in your lake the CISMA would be happy to assist you in surveying and identifying invasive species. Our staff are experienced in identifying both aquatic and terrestrial invasive species. Contact the CISMA to see if there is availability for us to look at your property (free service).  

Injector Rental 

The CISMA has injectors available for rent at each county Conservation District to treat Japanese Knotweed and other hollow-stemmed plants. These injectors require a $50 dollar deposit that will be returned to you when returned in good condition.