The District and the Southern Michigan Invasive Species Team CISMA would like to thank all of you for your interest and assistance in finding goats for us to utilize on public property to remove invasive species.

We have found goats that are currently removing oriental bittersweet from St. Joseph County Parks property and we are excited to begin removing this troublesome species from public lands. If you see the goats, please do not touch the electric fence and please do not pet the goats since there is a risk of getting poison ivy.

These goats will exclusively be used on public lands on property that has been severely degraded by oriental bittersweet. We intend to use them for years to come. If anyone is interested in utilizing goats on their property, we advise that you contact a local service that has experience and skill using goats to remove invasive species.

CISMA/SMIST Strike Team working on a Phragmites site with PAMF in Centreville, MI.

Hogweed Before

Hogweed Treatment

Hogweed After